Mission Statement

Friends of the Community Inc. funds are obtained by sales of food, drinks and equipment hire to events in the community and donations. All of our profits are distributed back into the community.

We supply funding to various people including students, aged, disabled, disadvantaged and the homeless. We can also provide links to other Government bodies if you are unaware on how to obtain assistance.

All people applying for funding will be met with a strict interview regarding their eligibility and financial status before being granted any funding, all information will be treated with the utmost confidence and any decision made by the allocation team will be final.

Some of the ongoing support we provide is:

  • Education Support: 2 Yearly Scholarships for Lakelands High Students.
  • Support for students to continue attendance at school by providing uniform and shoes.
  • Homeless Support: In conjunction with St Pats Community Care we provide some funding to allow Tafe attendance for those wanting to regain independent living.
  • Health and Wellbeing Support: Some funding is available to supplement alternative medicine.
  • Sporting Clubs engaging Youth Support: At present we support four sporting clubs with an array of items such as sponsorship shirts, kits, balls, food, and special items required on the grounds.
  • Ongoing support for the Starlight Children’s Foundation Make a Wish Library resources for non-English speaking community members. Assistance with resources for new migrants through play and reading.
  • People with Disability Support: Independent living items to remain in their homes.
  • Additonally, there are many more supported services we provide.

What Friends of the Community DO NOT do is: individual support/requests.

All support/requests must be via other reputable agencies. What we can provide is useful concessions information and other ways of getting by on low income with information on new services and programs that may be able to support the request. Friends of the Community Inc. has at their disposal a guide to concessions and other information to keep costs down.

We supply equipment and services for those less fortunate than ourselves, to ensure their lives and comfort closely resembles the style of life that we strive for. However we do not give away cash all recipients are supplied with equipment to enhance their lives or receive gift vouchers and or food parcels.

Our Vision
To invest in our future by building healthy, sustainable and enterprising communities.

Our Mission
Our mission is to shape the future by embracing diversity and connecting people and resources to create a wholesome sense of community, by raising funds for worthwhile and needy projects.

To improve the quality of life for all members of the community by:

  1. Providing a planned and organised method of communication and decision-making between members of the community.
  2. Promoting the multiple uses of existing facilities and neighbouring facilities through engagement and cooperation with schools and other community groups/organisations.
  3. To support the interests and preferences of the community by providing resources that promote independence, social interaction and healthy attitudes towards ageing, disabilities and cultural diversity.
  4. To provide opportunities for information sharing and education in a variety of different community settings.
  5. Initiating and supporting other community developments.
  6. Promoting and participating in activities and projects to ensure the best outcome for the natural and built environments.

We are a registered charity – License No: 21197